Desvelos, halftime drawings, by Maria Emilia Marroquin, 2022

The atmosphere calms down and a tense balance is perceived. A certain sense of suspended silence hangs in the air, a harbinger of something that is about to happen. This tension is reflected in Nodo, where subtle and virulent intersections of lines thread organic plots that veil and reveal beings, branches, roots, remains. Harmonic and disturbing amalgam at the same time.

Something disconcerting is woven in these times when we also observe the persistence of old monsters. The fires persist, they are treacherously displayed in too many parts of the planet through the screens of our devices.

In Negro Coihue comes the calm of a fait accompli. A burning from 25 years ago is evident in the bare trunks of the Coihues in that Patagonian forest where I walk again after several years. I think about drawing, I look for a charred trunk. Its carbon is soft and resistant; the drawing is blackened with a deep and thick black.

María Emilia Marroquín, 2022
UNA OBRA UN ARTISTA, Director: Milagro Torreblanca