I started drawing as a child. I was amused by geographical maps with their demarcation lines, rivers and reliefs. The rural environment of my home city and the early experience of the landscape linked to play and the sensitive contemplation of its nature produce their mark on my artwork. Another nodal focus that crosses it is the constant reflection on the human becoming, which motivates me to go further, to intervene and manage in the context. The artwork is thus organically intertwined with my actions in the expanded cultural space. Artwork and inhabited territory are as inseparable, as the actions of creating and managing. I am interested in gestural experimentation and the intuitive approach to materials, but I also go through geometric constructive moments that refer me to the layout of the urban landscape.

I freely go around the two-dimensional and three-dimensional field through expanded drawing, installation, sculpture and the readymade. I explore matter with the desire to make it precipitate into its elements and resonances. The found objects provide traces of a history that I resignify. Between the space and the line I discover a wide stage where I can generate new plots.