maria emilia marroquin

Visual Artist and Graduate in Psychology.

Born in 1960 Suipacha, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Education: She has been studying drawing and painting since 1884 with the following artists from Buenos Aires: Miguel Ángel Araldo, Malú Mansilla, Tomás Mugica and Raúl Menvielle.
Her particular interest in the subject led her to study sculpture in 1996 with Omar Estela at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de la Nación Ernesto de la Cárcova.
In 2002 she moved to Germany and took up sculpture studies at the "Kulturforum Alte Post" art school in the city of Neuss, delving into modeling with clay, wood carving, metal work, welding and assembly. She also holds seminars on graphic techniques there.
She studies psychoanalysis with renowned psychoanalysts and specializes in creativity.

Courses and seminars
2021 performs analysis and development of work with the artist Andrea Juan and Gabriel Penedo - Virtual
2021 reflection sessions on the National Hall of Visual Arts- Virtual
2019 attends "Radical Bodies: art, race and sexuality in the art of Latin America" dictated by the historian, researcher and curator Andrea Giunta. MALBA
2018/19 Simultaneous in collage by Eduardo Stupía and Tulio de Sagastizábal - Casa Matienzo
2018 ABC of the art market- María Lightowler- Casa Matienzo
2017 course "Production of curatorial texts" with the curator Eugenia Garay Basualdo - Matienzo House
2014 Performs analysis and development of work with the curator Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias.
2013 Series of lectures on contemporary art - Curatorship and Cultural Management Career - CIC CABA
2011 Conferences on Curation. CIA - CABA
2010 Seminar on cultural management "Counter-poverty". Cultural Center of Spain. CABA
2008 Management consultancy for artists with María Lightowler, Central de Proyectos - CABA
2006 Art Therapy Seminar at the Europäischen Akadämie Fritz Perls Institut - Germany
1990/ 93 Course in aesthetics and art history with Dr. Marta Zátonyi in aesthetics
1991 Analysis and development of work with Marta Zátonyi and Raúl Menvielle
1989 History of Modern Art and the Vanguards with Professor Lucas Fragasso. School of Fine Arts CABA

Artistic and labor practice
Her artistic practice includes the design and management of cultural projects and curatorial experience since 2008, the year she co-founded and began directing Casa Matienzo. Since 2019 she has been the General Coordinator of El Obrador Centro Creativo. These developments constantly nurture and update her work through fluid exchange with various referents of our culture and art. She has coordinated cultural artistic projects together with public and private organizations that had the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, and of CABA and recently, the Somuncurá Plateau Project obtained the support of the OPG (Organization of the Günün a küna People), The Swiss Pro Helvetia Foundation and the Swiss Embassy in Argentina.

Since 2019 she has been a member of the SACH collective, opening and touring visual artists' studios in the neighborhoods of Chacarita, Villa Ortúzar and Parque Chas, open to the public.
Since April 2020, she has been part of the group of 7 Argentine artists “Residencia en Residencias” that emerged in quarantine due to Covid 19.

2021| Individual exhibition in her own Atelier - SACH 5th edition.
2021| UNA(s)+ - Group participation- Oi Futuro Cultural Center – Brazil.
2020| Exhibition at the artist's Atelier with José De Marco and Ileana Hochmann-Sach 4th edition.
2020| Argentine Art on the Networks- Quarantine Covid- 19- Virtual. Curated by Eugenia Garay Basualdo and Marcelo Pelissier.
2019| Exhibition in her own Atelier with Rita Simoni - Sach 2nd Edition.
2017| Mutant Matters - Together with the artists Ariela Naftal and Rita Simoni.
Curated by Eugenia Garay Basualdo -Casa Matienzo – CABA.
2015|Gatherings of the recovered (individual) - Curated by Eugenia Garay Basualdo - Cultural Center of Cooperation - CABA.
2014| Sculpture, Manuel Belgrano Hall (selection)- Eduardo Sívori Museum - CABA.
2011| 4th Sculpture Biennial (selection) - Museo Dámaso Arce- Olavarría (Bs.As).
2010| Counterpoint. Sculpture. Together with the sculptor Jardiel Valente - Palace of the Legislature.
The Night of the Museums – CABA.
2010| Tacuarí House of the Arts - Tigre (Bs. As.).
2009| Expotrastiendas- Support Gallery- CABA.
2009| 9 artists. In a Natural State- Bacano Gallery - CABA.
2008| Pestalozzi Foundation (individual) - CABA.
2008| The one and the other- ESEADE Foundation (individual-selection)- CABA.
2007| Nordelta art. Collective exhibition with Diego Ortiz Mugica. Curated by Gaby Dibar.
2005| Sequenzen - Werk-Stadt Cultural Center, Witten - Germany.
2000| Turns (individual) - EDITH Consulting, Berlin – Germany.
2000| Paintings Drawings and Carvings (individual) - The Lady of Bollini - CABA.
1994| Round Coffee (single) CABA.
1993| Paintings (traveling individual).
-Pompeo Boggio Museum, Chivilcoy (Bs.As.).
- Municipal Museum Ameghino Marín Complex - Mercedes (Bs.As.).
- Municipal Hall of Suipacha (Bs. As.) (declared of cultural interest).
1993| Paradigms and syntagms. Itinerant collective curated by Carlos Ara Monti - Tribute to Jorge Luis Borges.
- ARTEMPO Gallery - CABA.
- Gallery Charrúa Paraná- Entre Ríos (declared of cultural interest).
1992| Individual - House of the province of San Luis- CABA.
1990| Centennial Gallery- CABA.
1990| ETHOS exhibition hall. CABA.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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